Resume Examples: Learn From Dozens of Actual Resume Reviews!

Real-life resume reviews show you resume writing tips so you stand out & get interviews no matter what job you're after.

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Why it's important: The hiring rate is very low, and there is a lot of competition - your resume needs to stand out and get read  so you can get an interview!


Why you should join the course:

•         Learn how to avoid common resume mistakes

•         Stand out from your peers

•         Improve your own resume to help get more interviews


Who it's for:

•         Students

•         Working Professionals

•         Anyone who is struggling to get interviews

•         Everyone who wants to write better resumes


What you get:

1.      Video resume reviews: over 20 actual resume examples

2.    Annotated resume reviews using actual resume examples

3.    Resume Secrets course at a big discount

4.    Interviewing Secrets course at a big discount

5.     Access to closed Facebook group for people to review each other's resumes

6.    As always, lifetime access to the course and all future lecture additions


Who I am

I've written hundreds of resumes and been fortunate to get a lot of interviews from them. But I've also reviewed a lot of resumes so I have experience on both sides of the table. In this course I've reviewed other folk's resumes so you can see common mistakes from people with all different backgrounds, all over the world, and avoid the same mistakes on your own resumes!

I want to see you improve your resume and get more interviews! 

Why not take the course today and get a head start on all your peers who are trying to get the same job you are?


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